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Look at this O2 Academy show--1
The Stage
Big Crowd within Leeds-1
Large Crowd - Leeds-2
Last years big crowd music event

Welcome to our one world, we live for music.

We are brand new and national to find the UK's new music discovery. Apply now.


Do you want the opportunity to tour the UK with your act?

Describe your event here and generate buzz. Where's it happening, and when does it start?

The brand new format SoundWaves Music Competition UK 2018/2019 is a national talent search in the form of a prestigious music competition in a bid to find the best music within the UK. We are dedicated to promoting music careers and the development and interests of our artist roster, discovered through the competition. On our tour to locate and celebrate the finest music talent in the country we are hosting music competition searches in Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham and London setting the standard for music competitions in the UK and working in some of the most prestigious venues the UK has to offer alongside industry leaders. The competition is set to discover one overall national winner.

SoundWaves Music Competition annually receives 1,000 applications in the UK . This year we are national and are more connected than ever with the latest music platform. We are out to find the UK's best music talent and connect them to the heart of the music industry. The SoundWaves Music Competition UK is open now and it's free to apply. To get feedback from industry professionals as well as having the opportunity to perform for A&R and sign to our in-house talent roster please apply now to get the chance to win. Winners of the competition perform at O2 Academy Newcastle, O2 Academy Leeds, O2 Academy2 Birmingham and O2 Academy Islington as part of the SoundWaves Music Competition Industry showcases depending on your location. Winner gets UK Tour at some of the UK's most prestigious venues plus management support.

SoundWaves Music Competition is running a UK music competition and based in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow. Contact:

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